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To New Media – Yes! / 15.11. 2015 /

First project run by the Association Twórczy Aktywni Kreatywni TAK! has just been completed.

Thanks to the financial support of the program Fond of Citizens’ Initiatives and Malopolska Province, our organisation has appeared (not only) in the internet, while our members have acquired basic tools and skills necessary for effective communication with potential partners and participants of our future projects. The project has lasted since 15 June. Its achievements will allow our projects to reach the persons and social groups who need them the most. In other words, this project has created a space for the realisation of our Mission and new ideas.

And now a few words about daily work of the project To New Media – Yes!

It is commonly known that the best skills can be acquired in practice. It is true, but before we started to work on our logo and website, we got a short theoretical introduction in the framework of a training in new technologies and PR in the internet for non-governmental organisations. Thus, we have got familiar with the new system Windows 10 and we have widened our knowledge on the topics of promotion, brand building and functioning in social media. Please have a look at a short video recorded during our training conducted by the expert in this area, Ms Iwona Stolarska.

We have to admit that the process of making the logo poject and subsequently making a choice of the best colours for this logo has absorbed not only the Association’s members, but also their families and friends. Finally, in a result of a brainstorming session, we have selected a project by Ms Ludmiła Adamska. Her logo project has been polished by the painter Jacek Wałecki and next, it underwent a graphic treatment and then it was ready.

Making the website was a big challenge for us. Most of us participated in such a project for the first time. Before we started to write the texts, we looked through dozens of websites of various NGOs and compared, which solutions would be the best for us. The decision, what should be included, and what not, was always preceded by a discussion among the Assocation’s members. Moreover, some of us decided to take part in a photo session, in order to publish an up to date profile picture on the website. Last but not least, we have a created our page on Facebook and a channel on Youtube.

Admittedly, the President of the Association insists that she does not need a private account on Facebook, but now she will need to learn Facebook in order to make updates on the Association’s page.

You are welcome to evaluate the results of our work – logo and website - yourself.

We would like to invite you to regularly check the page and the Association’s page on Facebook.

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fot. Wojciech Serafin

The project has been implemented with the financial support of the program Fond ofCitizens’ Initiatives and Malopolska Province.

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