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To New Media – Yes!
The Association Twórczy Aktywni Kreatywni TAK! was registered in September 2014. Since the beginning, we have had plenty of ideas for various projects. However, we were aware of the fact that it will be difficult for us to reach the potential audience without taking advantage of the possibilities offered by the new media today.
The project Fond of Citizens’ Initiatives called Małopolska Locally has come just at the right moment, as it offers support for the newly created non-governmental organisations working in Małopolska Province.
Our application has been selected during the competition process run by the Office of Social Initiatives. We have received a grant for purchase of the basic IT equipment as well as making a logo and a website, so that our organisation – as it should be in XXIst century – will be able to communicate with the communities – local and foreign – and other NGOs and local authorities by the modern media.
The project is being implemented from 15 June to 14 November 2015.
Let’s not hide it. Not all of us are very familiar with modern technologies. Therefore, in order to ensure that the project runs smoothly and successfully, we have decided to organise a new computer system training and an introduction training about PR in the internet (which will be run by our experts –volunteers).
The project is being implemented with the financial support of the program Fond of Citizens’ Initiatives and Malopolska Province.

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